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Mushtaq Bhat

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The Queen Of The Realm Words

We start with the realm, where the Muses first appeared and where they are, so to say, at home. The realm of words, of phonetics and semantics, of names, verbs, adjectives, imperatives and conjunctives, that is the world of verbal communication, starting with...>>

Homer & Western Civilization

We move on to the grandfather of western vocabulary and scientific terminology, to the great poet Homer and talk about his contributions toward the European and subsequently the modern global civilization...>>

Greek & European Civilization

Logos, Socrates & Enlightenment

Here we plan to reflect upon what was and speculate about what could be...

Why speculate? >>

Amongst other topics, we will also consider some current issues here, which we feel to be pertinent to our main theme (Homo sapiens and Civilizations). We will ponder over questions like:
Will, for instance the people in China, India or Korea, with increasing affluence, education and control over the forces of nature, pay tribute to certain explicit, devoid of extant subtler and sublime meanings, materialistic-theories of cosmos, that were so dominant in Europe in the last centuries, and that had gained ascendance with the rise of mechanistic perceptions of the cosmic drama or will the tradition hold the balance? And was it a specific trait in the European Geist (especially the North-European), that offered such a Welt-Anschaung a fertile ground, or the influence of Saint Augustine and Descartes, that so radically dichotomized religion and science ...?

Greek & Western Civilizations >>

Of Men, Muses & Gods

Birth Of The Muses

muses _ microscopic view Birth Of The Muses >>

And wherein the reader is taken back in time as Time itself was seeking refuge in the kingdom of the double-faced Janus ...

Security Council at Olympia

welcome to olympian heights _the security council at Olympia

(Drama) Wherein the Olympians discover, to their hellenic dismay some doric marble-hard facts. And where the reader is flown high and introduced to a rather confused assembly of gods, divinities and immortals, who after the defeat of the Titans and chasing away of Time (Saturn) seem to have lost their sense of temporal orientation and are now seeking ways to remedy this ailment... all the gods are assembled.
Jove begins...>>

By Jove! So Spoke Jove!

And so it came to pass, that Zeus had to send the Muses to "Swan & Harp Taverns", the bazaars in Delhi, the bushes in Namibia, the cloister in Tibet and even to the tin pan alleys and make their voice ring through glass-fiber channels and iPods. Yes the Muses were set free and left the Olympian and the Elysian heights and headed for the street, hitch-hiked with a truck driver, smoked pot at Yasgur´s farm, dreamed tangerine with the Beatles, hari-ommed with Rafi and got sentimental with Ferry, drank beer with Ellington ...

By Jove! So Spoke Jove ...>>

Phidias, Pericles & Jove

Phidias_ a short commentary.

Since the Muses would not visit one of the greatest statesman of the historical times, the great clever Pericles would consequently visit Phidias and they became friends and looted the federal and the alliance budget from Delos for great things...

Phidias, Pericles & Jove >>

Concerning a Smile

When A Smile is not a Smile

a visionary Tarsier

You may think that the SMILE first came into existence as the angiosperms, the singing-birds and the humans burst over the evolutionary scene (after mother earth at the end of Paläogen and the beginning of Neogen in Tertiär, had finished off almost all archaic forms of existence on this planet) and moreover be fully convinced that it certainly was not present on earth as the reptiles, in a manner somewhat reminiscent of humans today, "ruled" over the skies, the oceans and the lands of our global village...

When A Smile Is Not A Smile >>

What is a Smile?

In the realm of the Muses smile holds a privileged position. Here it appears in its original undistorted form, as a Platonian idea (we will often use the term Platonian, to avoid expressing the connotations normally conveyed by the term platonic), as an idea or a characteristic that, interacting with a biological substrate may inadvertently have an effect on or bring about some changes in a given psycho-socio-cultural milieu, but that is not its function. Putting the cart before the horse, some people may try to explain its existence through this very effect, determined to remain faithful to a methodology, for which they have purchased the subscription for a decade or two. This methodology is called functionalism. But the genuine smile has no primary purpose (even if it coincidentally acquires a secondary one), it has no teleological or immediate aims (even if it may be a reaction to a stimulus or a creative solution to a present problem) and is not a function (even if it may, as a by-product enhance some other evolutionary functionality). A politburo or a corporate customer service smile, on the other hand serves a function _ it therefore falls within the jurisdiction of the functionalist. But it is not a genuine smile. More about that in: When A Smile is Not A Smile

What is a smile? >>

Smiles From Mother Nature

Including Scowls From Father Culture

Children below a certain age, that varies from culture to culture, generally albeit with potentially decreasing tendency, bless you with a smile that is, amongst other things:
  • not a result of any prior calculation of the advantages it may bring
  • not a result of a cold calculated analysis or some fertile imagination concerning your wealth, status, power and social prestige nor is it result of an assessment of how influential you are
  • not a conformation to a certain declared corporate policy (or strategy)
Smiles From Mother Nature >>

Olympian Acts

A play in leisurely unfolding Acts

And finally the Muses and the human beings get together in the Realm of King Janus for the celebration of the greatest gift of the Muses, the Music, a word occurring in many cultures outside Greece, and which is derived from their name. On the way, you will also be introduced to some of the Olympian, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial beings, divinities and intelligences. Muses are free erratic beings and such the story enfolds in sporadic installments. You are welcome to travel through the first five acts...

Olympian Acts >>

Any new additions (Acts) will be announced through news-feed. Interested reader may subscribe to: Subscribe to this feed, News from Janosphere  News from Janosphere for latest updates.

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