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mushtaq bhat


This Site predominantly dedicated to the Muses and dreamingly gliding through a wish-it-were-true realms so different from the Rat-Race-Realms subtitled Real-Politico-Realms that we we have created around us and yoked ourselves to, that it should actually need no Privacy Policy. That is also the reason why we do not have an explicit copyright policy here in the usual sense either, except where it applies to third party goods profusely scattered through our pages. More about copyright   here.

However we (the Muses and I) or rather I (Mushtaq Bhat _ more about   me   that is relevant in this case) do have advertisement from third party vendors here or third party widgets who use cookies to collect information (not including name, address, email address, or telephone number) from their users or visitors to their own websites. That is why I add the following short privacy policy pertaining to this aspect of my Site. It is in fact important for you to know.

This Site does not formally enable third party cookies meant to serve Interest Based Ads to the visitor. However if an advertiser advertising at this Site already has a cookie stored on your computer, you may be served targeted ads. Hope it is to your liking and not distasteful to the Muses and does not profane my from-Muses-inspired site. I am optimistic as I believe my visitors do not have such inclinations, inclinations which are being catered to by other thousands of much popular sites than this one and for which they do not need to seek these pages here. Moreover I trust Google, my main medium that connects me to the advertisers to monitor any infringements well and hope that the advertisers, who advertise through Google to comply to the rules set down by NAI (Network Advertising Initiative).

In case you are such a visitor, who is being served targeted ads, relevant or not to my content, and you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here .

And finally if any advertiser here at my Site is not generally complying with the Rules Of Conduct as being set down by NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) please let me know, by emailing the web master.

Mushtaq Bhat

Berlin. 15 March 2009