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woman knitting



90x60cm. (1988)

A photo of this scene is displayed in: A Smile Is A Smile Is A ... under section: Photography. I am taking here the opportunity to thank the family Mwobogelo for their great hospitality during my stay there (Itete). They could not, like the Chiefs in other villages, see me pitching a tent in the wild, while they had a house and space to offer, during my research project in social anthropology* intended for the University of Berlin. There are many more to be thanked, which I will be duly mentioning in my travel journals section. Hope not to forget any one. Thanks to you all.

* The study was never submitted nor published. However, I hope to publish some of the insights gained (noted in my travel journals) and discuss some problems in detail, under the heading Journals, which will moreover include some of my drawings from the field. I may also refer to these studies in Realm Homeros (Words), in order to support, in certain specific cases some of my contentions, I have occasionally indulged in. Most of these insights are actually the result of a very free, intense and an uninhabited interaction with people of all ages, classes and denominations, they are not a result of some disembodied abstract observations of their culture and language only. However I do use such more generalized observations in elucidating, when appropriate some more abstract concepts in philosophy, history and science. Nevertheless, I have experienced most of the stuff with full sense of subjectivity and as such, they belong here, in the realms beyond, around and above the purely scientific or for that matter literary. Here my uncle is million times more than the kith of a Lewis Morgan, the class member of Karl Marx, more than wage-working consumer of the advertising agency or more than a mere potential vote of the politician. Moreover, he can be a good or bad a uncle. He can be friend or even an enemy! It is a universe in itself. The domain of the manifest, the felt and of course also of the perceived. Here religion, subjectivity and all that is lying in higher regions, in spheres like mathematics and understood through the study of proportions (geometry ) and structural kinship-relationship (algebra) and in things financial (arithmetic) all come together and transform everything to the wonder of the poet or a child, for the act of creation! Welcome to the Realm of the Muses!