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karmic cargo? olympian payload? amused artwork? you name it or pandora's box maybe?

Who are you Mushtaq?

You said it!

What do you mean?

I am Mushtaq!

Let us put it this way,what are you carrying there upon your shoulders?

You mean the sack in the picture at the top? That is a combination of a self portrait   (photograph) and a Temnograph, digital manipulated. There is question mark there, that you can click to see the contents. Those are the ones that you can see, i.e. cargo from the realm of the Muses. But that sack may represent something else too: Karmic Payloads? Bringing Home The Bacon? Old Man's Expectations? Or whatever you may choose. Depends upon the context. Happy Musing!

Yes, you are right. Depends upon the context. Amusing though!

Thanks for showing your interest. There is a lot about me coming up next in the realm of the Muses and I won't disappoint you. Here a little bit more about me, ex Realm Hammurabi.

And here a rather short blog I submitted at the website. Says something about my academic qualifications.

And lastly here the start of a narrative about myself, appearing in monthly installments:
An Autobiography of an Artist. Chapter 1: What am I made of?


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