art prose rhyme

mushtaq bhat

mission statement

presented as a rhyme

If not

In the Realms

From Time-Stamps Unstained
From Rat Race Restrained
From Gravel and Cement unpaved

From the numerical statistical lunacy unblemished
From Greed, Hate and Strife unnourished
From the trends of the Times untrained
From the verdict of the pundits unprofaned
From the clamor of the Mass Media salvaged
From hypertrophied Homo Mercantile untapped
In primal Innocence wrapped
Of watches, appointments & calendars striped
In here and now dipped
Stress-free paced
With divinities graced

Of The Muses

Wouldst thou now seek reprise?

Run away as if from a foe
As if for your life
Whereabouts wouldst thou
No lover of strife
From the global reach and mammon might
Of that laser-surgical Nano-Knife

That hath thee ent-twained
From thy ancestors
From thine Sisters and Brothers
From thy bio- and cultural heritages
And the wisdom of the Ages
From holy groves and the Sages
From thine ancestors spices, their Rosemary and Thyme
Their legends, Prose and Rhyme
From all that Green and Sunshine
From for-family and local community free Time
From those never-gulped meals and wine
From those shoes-off Sit-Downs
From the heterogeneity of quaint towns
From thine forefathers myths and their rituals
From their in the marrow-of-the bones felt farewells
From their Feasts and Festivals
Their talking drums and tingle bells
Their leisurely processed Kodak color Markets interlaced
With sun, moon, stars, lanterns, candles and Mermaids
Blessed with mundane philosophizing intervals
With seaman’s recitals & 1001 nights sequels
Where Exotics are bartered against victuals
With scenes of kids and grand sires interacting
Wisdom and Wonder imparting, life in present enacting

From thine own Valleys and Seashores of Fantasy
Fertilized by Bed Time stories
Rendered by Grandma without any fee
And enhanced by the Muses also for free
From thine often available stress-less friends
Hardly ever imprisoned by fickle trends
From relatives, neighbors, strangers and community
From the frog, the birds and the neighborhood-tree

If not into the healing
de-alienating arms of the Muses?

To which new found lands
And sea-shores
Wouldst thou wander

In this world
Bereft of Magic and Wonder
The Magician & the Wizard and the Gnome
The Folk-Poets & The Sages
The Troubadour & the Hobo
The Sea Man, the Gypsy & the way faring stranger
The traveling Circus and the comedians dell arte
The Vagabonds, The Bum, The Outlaw
And the clown, oh yes the clown

Verily wither
If not to & through
The realms of the Muses?

And how wouldst thou escape

The clamor
Oh yes the clamor
Once again the clamor, the bellow, the yell
Attention Grabbing
Everything Selling
Of the Media
And the Ad-sphere
All pervasive

Penetrating the walls of your bedroom
The gothic vaults of the Church
The pockets of the politicians and priests
Within the safes of the Museums
Displayed on my website
On the faces of the celluloid dolls
On your new-appendage, your mobile phone
The clamor of the glossy covers
Screaming bed-time pastimes of
Publicity and Sensation-obsessed urban neurotics
Of drug-Addicts, Outlaws and Criminals
The yells of the beer-drenched frenzied masses
Watching the Paleolithic football kicks
The bellow of the numbers-trading bourse Bazaars
The Watt-Potency of the portable-speakers
The increasing reach and the numbers
If not the decibels of the jets and the cars
The primate yells if not wars that await you in future
At the dwindling resources
Once again
Those sonic and visual
Shouts, yells
The Clamor
Of the Mercantile Geist
That at this pace will one day decorate all the trees in Amazonas!
Eh, the appendage, the indispensable accessory
Yes the ubiquitous cell phone
The new-clamor of all that you never heard before
If you like it or not
If you want it or not
The private mundanely bellowed conversations
Of the callous to your presence and his/her surroundings Earthling
Shooting sound waves in the stratosphere
That chases you even in city parks
Beneath the shadow of a maple tree
The country-forests and the otherwise calm beach
Yes all that cemented
Decibel polluted clamor
Of the metro jungles
Selling you, if you are not a luddite, the last remedy
And the Utopia
A solace and reprise
On the Freudian couch
A product paradoxically of the same fold
Meant for an agitated soul to calm
Glibly implanting the illusion of a momentary reprise from
The global clout of twice born
Children from the Realms of the Mammon

daphne and chloe logo If not by skin-diving into
The folds and circuitries
The Twisted and Tangled alleyways
Of thy Grey-Eminence
The abode of all those
Pulsating and Resonating Neurons?


Welcome to the Realm of The Muses!


------ Mushtaq Bhat. 2008 Reasonable Rights Reserved ------

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