The list here is not meant to be exhaustive and is in fact only now beginning to take shape and will be, hopefully a bit more detailed in future, and do more justice to many resources that I have made use of or I have referred to, in one or another context. Context specific links however can be, most of the time anyway, found in context or at the end of the concerned page.

Links to the resources on the web, as well as to the traditional media (print), to whom I owe more than a passing reference will appear soon under a dedicated module : Acknowledgements.

Meantime if any managers or owners of any of from-me-utilized resources, as well as my sponsors or helpers notice their absence here at present, I hope they will be patient. It is primarily because of the extent of my indebtedness, that this required module may appear late at this site. After the appearance of the above mentioned module, they are welcome and even requested to contact me, in case I have neglected to mention their contributions or support, or not acknowledged my indebtedness to them or their works.

Indebtedness to resources, like the works of Rembrandt, Dürer or Vermeer, who have been my teachers in one way or another, is I believe more than acknowledged in my having displayed the copies of their works. However indebtedness to a teacher like the dutch Jan Boomers, who brought me closer to Rembrandts graphical technical know-how or to the works of two great Italian masters of animal drawings, Sergio and Lorenzo Orlandi, whose fabulous works have inspired more than a few Temnographs of mine and whose drawings have been the sources for quite a few of my temnographic cuttings or for that matter the National Geographic Magazine; an almost endless resource of things terrestrial, aquatic and galactic, are amongst many others Sources that I believe need more than a few lines of acknowledgement.

Furthermore there are no links here to the great resources that I have constantly used, almost always for free, like the ones at, or associated as well as cooperating with, the Open Source.org and the Developer Resources at Microsoft.com and to no less extent the FAQ Resources at, amongst others at Microsoft, probably the trendsetters of our age of Faq�s, for the simple reason that such links are superflous, assuming they are all well known to anyone surfing through the web, but to all of whom I am no less indebted, for having made this site possible. Thanks for your patience.

Updated: Oct. 2006