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Acrylic & Oil
Lady in Ladakh
lady in Ladkakh_oil on canvas

Works in Textile
ballet_works in textile

Travel Journals
A Journey to the Bunyakyusa in Africa
journal Africa

Visionary Tarsier

A Visionary Tarsier

Learning the tricks of the trade
In arboreal confinement
So as to emerge
As the ruler of all the biotopes
Of the planet Earth
And possibly as the creator
Of the new ones in the Galaxy
(From: When a Smile is not a Smile)
Marine World
a cichlid and two perches in fresh and open waters

Digital Graphic
A Jovian Escapade
& how Europe got its name
a jovian escapade

Post-Modern Haste
post-modern Haste

Artwork Mushtaq Bhat

Drawings, Pastel, Textile, Mixed Media, Tempera, Acrylic & Oil & Watercolors

Photography, Narratives & Illustrated Tales
Concerning a Smile _ from a lemur to Laurel & Hardy, low wage karmic payloads, child labour, disappearing ethnic peculiarities, Orcino-orca sensibilities, angiosperm-functionalities and some site-seeing in five oceans (realm Neptune) with dwindling resources and dezimated inhabitants

Digital Graphic. Temnographic.

Travel Journals
Illustrated episodes and narratives (1986-1999).

Concerning the godly and mortal need for the Muses, their arranged birth and mission and certain odd tales about/from the Muses

Words (Realm Homeros), Poetry the queen of the realm of the Words (Dean Falk & whence Motherese?), Homer and Western Civilization, Myth to Logos, Gazzaniga & Jaynes Bicameralism, Darwinism & Christianity and how the meek inherit the globe.


Both Website Mushtaq Bhat & The Realm Of The Muses share a common homepage here.

All the modules available for display from Website Mushtaq Bhat are listed above as links on top of this page on the left, whereas those available from the Realm Of The Muses are listed on the right. Modules from Cargo From The Realm Of The Muses as well as links to:About Mushtaq / About Us may appear in both sections. The links and occasional Popup below are arranged thematically.

New modules, as they reach completion will also be listed here (modules not listed here may be accessed via site map). So this page should serve, as homepage for both the realms. This facilitates a parallel development of both sites, which may, depending upon the nature and compatibility of the content, be separated in the future. If this however results in a visitor not finding a clear demarcation between the two, guess we are entirely to be blamed. A feedback in this respect will certainly be welcome.

Thanks for the visit.

Calliope Editors Calliope & MushtaqMushtaq

(updated)   Berlin, May 2006


The major part of the layout of this site currently relies on a background of white (Matte) and was created on a CRT Monitor, with a screen resolution of 1240x 768 pixel, 96DPI, color quality 32bits.

Unfortunately the TFT LCD Monitors though approaching steadily, the sharpness and contrast and even the black color renderings of a CRT monitor, however fail to create a real white matte background, there is a permanent luminescence and white saturation manifested, that distorts the intention of the original layout.

However, when settings of the TFT Monitor are optimal* and you have a ideal viewing angle, the graphics may well approach the original reproductions of the artworks, though the colors may still be different especially at regions depicting flowing gradients on the chromatic scale, with colors of low intensity, which maybe appear unnaturally desaturated. This is true especially in regard of works in Pastel, none of which reproduce the specificity of the originals, they appear to be more of a sui generis nature.

After testing at various "public" places, with given "factory" settings, it was evident that the CRT monitors more or less consistently showed a specific graphic with tolerable (from an artists point of view) variations, whereas those from the TFT LCD monitors a endless spectrum of fantastic variations, which is rather disappointing.

Changing the whole layout oriented toward a less Matte and more luminescent one, may take time, as I have no TFT LCD monitor at hand, to cross check the results of transformations, that may be required to make the graphic approach a fair degree of resemblance to the originals. Hoping for the visitors understanding.

For more information concerning the authenticity of the colors in the reproductions of my artworks here, please see also the additional popup notice, displayed by clicking the first image on the Intro page.

Mushtaq Bhat
Jun 2006

*Kirk Steers:Improve Your Image: 13 Simple Graphics Tweaks Some small adjustments to your LCD monitor can make a big difference in picture quality.

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