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Computer Graphic


Nuba War Dance _ digital graphic
Nuba War Dance
Digital Temnograph

Under these headings are subsumed all kinds of works, including the ones created by a software programme (vector or bitmap graphics or a combination of the two) or those from analogue or digital sources that have been manipulated by means of an image editing software, to an extent that they have either been transformed to something different than the originals or exhibit properties which were not present in the original works. Also included here are montages or collages of the type that would be impossible to create through analogue mechanisms or through conventional methods and consistently all the amended and altered images, including the ones, where a software programme was employed to add or extract elements from an artwork or a photo reproduction. Extraordinarily enhanced photos are of course also included here. Monochrome or sepia effects on the other hand are not, as these "effects" are equivalent to those achieved also by analogue means. Many of my photo-reproductions are however original sepia manual prints, done in an old "street" studio in old Delhi, my favourite studio for over a decade but now they too use digital techniques! Right place to say thanks to Mr. Sharma Sahib, the owner of the studio.

There is no separate module of any of my computer graphics at present available. Some of the works are extensively used as illustrative materials throughout this site, but have been used more specifically as complimentary visual enhancement of the themes they are assigned to, and will therefore be displayed at the time of their publication.

Menelaos, Ulysses and Penelope
Digital Temnograph

The themes are narratives, concerning varied phenomena, like Time, Water, Muses and Music, including some of the narratives from my travel journals. All these graphics need to be converted to an acceptable web format first, even if at the cost of reducing some of their visual appeal (inevitable for non-vector graphics when depicted in small formats at low resolution, in order to save bandwidth). You are welcome to see some of the material, out of context however, in these 10 Slides (mostly bitmap graphics). They have been chosen for their capability to retain some of their visual aspects at relatively low resolution, at hopefully acceptable bandwidth. They sometimes posses no given fixed formats and may even exhibit flexible proportions. You can resize them, by resizing your windows to desired proportions, till you feel that should be the correct format, in case of bitmaps, it will be evident through a gain or loss of contrast and sharpness and in figurative themes through a feeling of getting the appropriate proportions. Disproportionate effects, akin to those sometimes applied in photography, for example by lens distortions can be induced through such resizing and may lead to unexpected results and effects (unfortunately though constrained in our case because of the low and lossy format JPG of the works) and is freely left to viewers subjective sense of aesthetic. Recommended format range is however, above 300px and below 750px for width. Height should not exceed 550px.

  Green & Submarine
   Digital Temnograph
night dive
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an aquatic composition_ digital graphic.jpg
An Aquatic Composition
Digital Graphic

sunset at Wannsee_ digital manipulated drawing.jpg
Sunset at Wannsee
Digital manipulated drawing

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