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Homer Good show Julius! Good Show René!
And here now an ancient nevertheless eternal
voice of a bard and a Bird.

I live. I feel. I sing.

Avian Blues. Detail. Digital Temnograph

We are fully convinced that these realms are not fiction. They are as factual, as any mentally constructed and verbally consolidated appearances of the cosmic phenomena. As real as any structures, forms and gestalts of the physical world, from the subatomic, our immune systems and the organizations of the social world to the galactic super-structures; from the kingdom of the bees to the harem of the sea lions, from the human nuclear family to UNO. No doubt they are more symbolic than those associated with physical sciences and do involve often the use of metaphors rather than reductionistic terminologies. However their symbolism is no way mystic or esoteric. They are fully accessible to rational thinking. From Pluto to Kant, Hegel, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber to Freud and Karl Marx, many academicians and sages have attempted to penetrate these realms with varying success. In our case the interpretations of their symbolical nature does not use the tools supplied by these thinkers, except maybe those from Pluto i.e., Socrates. We perceive their reality however from a different perspective, more aligned to that of a poet, to folksy metaphors and to some extent socio-political-religious symbolic, with the consequence that their symbolism regains its true primarily idealistic humanistic perspective. A vision that was once accessible to more than a few grown-ups but is gradually disappearing from the awareness of the younger generations. A perspective and a vision, unfortunately torn apart in recent decades by many into their biased, obsessively the paradigms of the decade and the episteme of their often cryptic ideologies pledged, punditry-blessed pedantic schools of thoughts. Some of them _ stuck to their academic desks and quite often public-tax-sponsored chair-for-life _ perpetually confuse empirical evidence and dedicated observations at-the-grassroots, in-the-field and with the peoples of the earth with extensive citations and extended footnotes. Hear them disputing, with vociferous accusations, that at times will not shy away from aggressive name-calling because synthesis and holistic thinking apparently does not bode well for a reductionistic mind and the illusions and delusions of the ego.

In this sense, we tend to see the symbolism prevalent in these realms as perfectly accessible to common man, without the need for pundits. There symbolism is moreover not that far from the perceptive powers of the common man/woman, as for instance the realm of Caesar, which Jesus apparently deliberately seemed to have ignored, because it seemed to be irrelevant for the entry to his realm of the child. Gandhi on the other hand did not ignore it, but passionately attempted to reform it. However we do not call it the realm of Caesar, but that of Hammurabi, who as far as our present state of knowledge about past is concerned, was apparently the first person to lay the foundation for this, one of the most important institutions of the humans. This is the realm of State, Institutions and corporations and civil bodies. We may consider Hammurabi as the first giver of institutionalized law, that he succeeded in perpetuating to the remote corners of his vast empire, probably also cementing the claims of the divine Kingship __ a more or less universal phenomenon. Even though later Moses would challenge it in the western world, but it would nevertheless live sublimely on and on, even in Newton's world and probably had a short revival in that of Napoleon, who was doubtlessly at the beginning a real hero of the enlightened civil society. This realm of constitutional and civil law once needed either religion (like the Holy scriptures and related codex) or the concept of divine Kingship for its legitimation, till the coming of one of the greatest revolutions of mankind, that really began with Pluto; one of its greatest thinkers and probably one of its most influential. He would transform the holy Kingdom or whatever it was that mankind thought or did not think it was, to a mere phenomenon of nature and social organization, an Institution, like many others. This realm encompasses amongst others Worldly-Power, Wars, Exploitation, Imperialism, Colonization, Political Intrigue, Presidential Leather Seats, Taxes, amassed wealth of the public; that is either rationally employed or potlatched in Wars and Olympics or into the bank accounts and holy-cows of excessive private property and Trade-Mark teenage collections of corrupt public servants, the realm of extant privileged classes and the disenfranchised, bilaterally decimated underprivileged humans, plants and animals, polluted old-man rivers, exploited forests, jungles, corals, and cemented frog ponds and children's playgrounds. It has attained a rather an ambiguous and very skeptical status amongst the Intelligentsia of the West, after the last world wars.

Q. What are these realms? And what do they allude to?
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Realm Muses

This is the realm of Art, Prose and Rhyme.
In our depiction, it mainly deals with the following:

The Muses
(Realms Frequented by the Muses.)

Here we first narrate, when, how and to what purposes, the need for Muses was felt by the gods. How their birth was planned and accomplished. The latter is depicted as a drama. realms frequented by the muses_logo We refer to this sub-realm, wherein there occurs no direct interaction between the Muses and the humans and where most of the action takes place in godly, abstract, mythical and Olympian spheres as the Olympian _ news feeds under News from Olympia.

In the later sections, a work in progress, we describe their adventures, both in ancient times and the modern, where their accompany some of our own recent or contemporary heroes and pioneers and musicians. Included and parallel to the development of the episodes here, are the occasional Blogs of the Muses themselves. This is the second sub-realm, where most of the action takes place on our earth _ news feeds under News from Janosphere.

Janosphere and the Olympian Acts.

This includes a series of narratives (drama) wherein, the Muses interact with the humans, the humans with the Muses, the gods, the divinities, their spirits and other historical long dead human personages, either in their minds or in Janosphere, where the latter are again live and kicking! Janosphere is the Realm of Janus, aka. Yasgur's farm, if you please! Here gods, divinities, humans especially musicians, come to celebrate the biggest Saturnalia in human history! A kind of Ghum Mela and Woodstock in one. Two weeks of Music, Prose and Rhyme, a regenerative process where the broken bonds, humans versus Biology, Ecology, Time and other Humans and gods are almost magically repaired. The alienation from nature and the ecosystem is transformed to a more harmonious communion, thanks to Saturn, Janus, Diana, Rhea, Apollo and the Muses, and certain pioneers of our decades. Since all the episodes are imbued with that brave pioneering spiritual essence, these acts are called as Olympian Acts, and ought not to be confused with above mentioned sub-realm of Olympia, where we are literally dealing with acts taking place at Olympia. Here the action is at Janosphere, that historically is somewhere in Italy (where Janus had his Kingdom, famous for the Saturnalias) in our case not very far from the coast. It should be mentioned that we are not waking up some dead dogs here, none of the actors are Luddites, hedonistic or some self-indulgent cultic sects but progressive minded beings, who nevertheless are critical when discarding the wise and functional traditions of the past and are generally cosmopolitan in outlook.

Cargo From Realm of The Muses

cargo from realm muses _ bannerBeing a scribe of the Muses and in tune with our perception of having exalted divinities rather than certain disembodied constantly changing and no less a specific school of thought pledged scientific terms (oh yes, the great Galileo Galilee would tell you that a term can replace a real phenomenon in human perception), as the source of our inspirations and no less our perspirations, we assume rightly that our products are a sort of cargo from the realm of the Muses. We are however not completely denying that they may reflect the paradigms of modern physics or a mixture of modern physics and ancient mythology, evident in our own words, karmic Mandala (which a pattern too) or Mandelbrot Karma or a mix of Durkheim and Freud, when we equate it (our creative perspirations) with our old man's expectations or our own aspirations. We are indulgently going a bit further here. The cargo is certainly all of our artwork, but it also includes the bemused reflections on certain other phenomenon, like a smile (concerning Smile) and low-wage karmic payloads (Bringing home the Bacon), both of which we assume may be the work of the Muses and not necessarily that of Homo Ludens!

Other Realms

other realms _ banner

Following realms are subsumed under other Realms in order to distinguish them from those mentioned above. This however does not mean, that they are situated completely outside the realms of the Muses. In fact, as should be evident to those who prefer visual hints, in our illustration for this realm, they are decreasingly frequented by the Muses from left to right. At left the singing mammalian whale and at right the streamlined Ceo of the ocean municipality, the shark. At left the Tapestry of the Muses, at right the rather sterile functionality of survival in life. At left the song of the Muses and at right the Eat or Be-Eaten imperative of the vulgar materialistic or the so-called Neo-Darwinist paying tribute to, in our opinion rather lopsided selfish gene theories. At left the exalted and humanistic, at right the mundane and the politically expedient but sometimes by far the more important. At left art, prose, rhyme., literature, education, educational institutions, ideologies like humanism, non-profit organizations, etc. etc., at right the all engulfing kingdom of Mammon, that if not regulated, would literally mean: Eat or be Eaten! In-between, the constantly metamorphosing emergent realms of this and that, including the Government, public institutions, corporations and business enterprises, which may obey one realm but pay lip service to other or float in the golden middle between the these two realms. Believe it or not, this does happen some time!

The fact, that we have put Realm Hammurabi at the right end of the spectrum may be a bit disconcerting. But it is the Real-Politick of life, because the written laws are not always rigorously implemented. To have rights does not necessarily mean, that you will get them, you need quite often to fight for that. And god help you if you do not have the means! It is still true as it was centuries ago. Of course some great genial wizards of the courtroom may help you sometimes even if you are a liability and you have poor bank-balance because of humanistic ideals but usually these species too are meant for the highest bidder, not for the most exploited or the most needful. Most of these wizards are unfortunately the private property of Mammon _ which is not their fault. Governments of all colors would rather spend their from working public squeezed wealth, on wars, sumptuous feasts for the elite, football, Olympics, big buildings, monumental projects, museums or modern totems of clever art creators, rather than the rights of an individual in dire need of competent defense.

It is not so well known fact, that some American ladies, who accused certain pharmaceutical firms in USA for having sold hazardous drugs got millions of dollars as damages, whereas the victims of the disaster at Bhopal did not get money for even an ordinary local medical treatment. The payment for the damages meant for the latter, breadcrumbs compared to the ones given to the former, got moreover exponentially decreasing with so many sharks around, till there was left literally nothing for some of them. So Realm Hammurabi has still its legitimate place at the right end of our spectrum. So far!

You will not find many tales in our all pervasive and otherwise clamorous media of victims of exploitation, ranging from political murders to rapes of young girls, household exploitations of servants and menial workers, often imported from other countries and treated by certain modern middle class barons as almost slaves without any rights, a fact no less evident within countries, where 90% of the population take certain general basic human rights for granted for themselves but utterly deny to these ethnic or classified minorities, their victims. That is another reason that this realm is still swarmed with sharks. No less at the household level as well as up in skyscrapers.

Realm Words (Realm Homeros).

Realm Homeros _ thumbnail

Now here is something really elating. The realm of words is dedicated to the probably the most influential bard (or better said to the presumed author of the most influential work of Art in human history) Homer. Our reasons are explained in our article with the same title (Realm Words/Homeros) and further elucidated in Afterthoughts. Here the Theme revolves around humans and civilizations, which demands a reference to insights gained in varied fields of human endeavor and the controversies therein, ranging from language, brain, the emergence of logos, the gradual demystification of the phenomenological universe and yet the paradoxical existence of the Maya therein, which can be also expressed as a constantly changing tapestry weaved by the Muses (verbal theories). And of course we will talk a lot about our primate heritage, and the peculiar cultural shift that we have undergone and about religion. More than a few sections will deal quite appropriately with our Greek(Logos) and Jewish (Pedagogy) heritage, the two great fundamentals of western and now global civilizations. We will talk about Humanism and the fate of the ethnic- and bio-diversity. And at the end perhaps conclude, maybe a in a wistful wishful way, a more harmonious fate for living beings compared to our rather uninhabited and instant-gratification-guaranteed and certainly very short-sighted contemporary general human attitude to our heritage and environment.

In this realm, there may also be placed other sections, dealing with prose. Like our appraisal of Rembrandt, whom we incidentally also pay a homage. But the homage being more associated with our encounter with his Artwork and our copies of his graphics, the latter (homage) is subsumed under Art (Graphic) rather than here, under section Words.

Realm Tom, Dick & Harry.

This concerns personal facts about me and is a work in progress.

Realm Hammurabi

Realm Hammurabi Now here is a realm that should theoretically be placed in the middle, if not at the left of our spectrum. But it is at present at the far right. See: Are these realms fact or fiction above for more details. It is the realm of the Law and the Judiciary, one of the most important institutions that human beings ever had or will have in the future! Hammurabi was historically the first King to spread his codex of impartial universally valid institutional laws to the remote corners of his empire. He, as well as the prophets of Jews and Islam much later, claimed to have received them from a God or in the latter cases the God. Today we claim to receive them from History. In both cases however, they are not received from the Eat or Be-Eaten realm of a selfish-gene (or is it the gene-pool?) of the so-called Neo-Darwinist materialist theoretician. They have more universalistic, Greek humanistic, Jewish pedagogic and Christ's teachings at their core. However there implementation is still an very slow emergent process and in no way completed, and unfortunately subject to regression sometimes, although certain extreme regression in certain societies have made the whole social structure disappear, or be taken over by societies with more Durkheimian social solidarity, at best evident in democratic societies, that pay more than a lip service to humanism and their Codex of Laws. Nonetheless we still do not consider it to have achieved the required status in real life to place it at the left of our spectrum.

Realms other the ones mentioned above that may be mentioned at our site, like for instance the Web Realm, do not need, we assume any elucidation.