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Homo sapiens sapiens
Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Gouache on Paper
And who is the master of the fox hounds?
And who says the hunt has begun?
And who calls the tune in the courtroom?
And who beats the funeral drum?
[ Roger Waters ]
The answer my friend
Is blowing in the
[ Bob Dylan ]
Text in italics ( 1 me me ) mine. muse musing Digital Graphic

What does "Reasonable Rights Reserved" mean?

It goes without saying that the personal use of any of the deliberately not-explicitly-copyrighted goods of mine (repeat mine, since this website also uses copyrighted goods from third parties) is notrealm Hammurabi bound under any copyright restrictions, even if you manipulate, deform or edit them, but in that case please don't use my name as the author.

I have not managed to earn much from my artwork. Surprisingly if you do, especially from my online reproductions of my visual artwork, done at low resolutions, then it must probably have to do with some mysterious talent of yours, denied to me by mother nature. You are therefore rightfully the owner of what fruits it may bear. However two restrictions apply.

1) The use of these goods does imply that the value does not completely depend upon your talent alone, for otherwise you would not need these products. Therefore it is a reasonable right of mine to demand my share from you. But you can rest assured, I would not probably sue you if you refused, that is the reason also why you don't find the usual copyright notice on these pages in the first place. But bear in mind that this products have meant an investment, which a times was almost the ruin of me! I have never been sponsored officially in my life by anyone. It is all the product of a part-time job.

2) I may, in future sell copyrights on some of my graphic works and photography and therefore I am in no position to give them freely away for commercial use. Likewise some of my works are in private collection, they are therefore not mine and their commercial use may entail copyright infringement. It would be desirable here to seek permission in case of potential commercial use.

A reasonable copyright notice here is also a prerequisite for any future misunderstandings, in case some one has by chance similar products and ideas as mine or has freely borrowed mine and may later claim I had copied his or hers. I am otherwise absolutely not interested in claiming school-kid priorities of ideas, which can mar even the character of great thinkers like Newton and Leibnitz, irrespective of the fact that they had greater issues to quarrel about.

If you are interested in using any of it for commercial purposes, you are welcome to contact me. Thanks for your consideration.


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