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Mushtaq Bhat


What is this? What is that?
Chop the Chicken & Kiss the Cat | Why did you do this? Why do you do that?

Not So Frequently Asked FAQ

No!  Not another web-site!  Why?

Why this? Why that?
Why do you chop the chicken
And kiss the cat?
Bomb the city
And feel sad?
Turn to the right
And fall back?
Why do you do this?
Why do you do that?

What do you intend to do with this?
And can you do this?
Can you do that?

Can you do this?
Can you do that?
Feed the Whale
And breed the Bat?
Or stop the rampant
Christian Muslim Jewish
Hindu Muslim Sikh
Linguistic-ethnic Paleolithic
Or contemporary nationalistic
Football-Fans Durkheim-Totemed
Tit for Tat?
Can you do that?

Never mind!
What is cooking?

Main Course:
Cargo from the realm of the Muses.

Hors d'oeuvre:
Olympian Orciniorca Omnipotence
Mixed with plebian Non-Pretense
Club-sandwiched amidst
clerical Surveillance

Spiced with:
Religious Mono- Di- Tri- Poly-theism
Archaic Fetishism
Freudian psychologism
Weberian Demythologism
Darwinian Skepticism
Information Hypertrophism
String Theory Universalism

Low-Pressure cooked with:
A Musical Wish

And now all out on a web dish

Amusingly served to you
by yours-truly
Humble scribe of the Muses

  1. What are all these realms?   What do they allude to?   Are they facts or fiction?
  2. What is Temnography?
  3. What does Reasonable Rights Reserved mean?
  4. Why the Muses? (Blog)

If this is Venice
What is this? What is that?

Acrylic, Silicon, Sand, Lacquer, Wood, Paper & piece of Chalk on Canvas
100 x 80cm.(2001)

Dedicated to a least appreciated profession in the world: Teaching

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Mushtaq Bhat, Reasonable Rights Reserved