Exodus, 2014

Mushtaq Bhat

Exposition: Exodus & Distant Horizons

Friday   8 April 2016     |     19:00

Works will be on display between 10:00 to 23:30 Hrs.

Reception, music, drinks and tombola to win an artwork at 7 PM.

Blond & Blond Contemporary

Gartenstr. 114
10115 Berlin

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I will be displaying some of my recent works in oil and acrylic. After decades of engagement in a range of novel materials, media and methodologies, I have concentrated since last six years almost exclusively on pigments _ oil and acrylic as medium of expression.

The main reason being my interest in geometry, perhaps as a result of inspirations from the recent developments in mathematics, physics, topology and cosmology. Pigments and canvas doubtlessly offered the best means of achieving the desired results. No other media probably could express much better here, that what it was supposed to express, things like depth, proximity, topography and topology, color and gestalt and at the same time evoke that rather very specific feeling that a painting invariably always does as a visual object of perception.

The exhibition however is not confined to geometry only but includes works in abstract, semi-impressionistic and outright figurative art, albeit often with emphasis on geometry. Hope you enjoy them as much I enjoyed creating them.