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Mushtaq Bhat

Artworks 2009

Exploring Grandma Earth's Viscera & Glands
& Occasionally Squeezing Them Dry

Exploring Grandma Earth

Mixed Media (see Ingredients below), 120 x 80cm. 2009.
Private Collection

A Glimpse of Artwork Verbosity
(Clockwise from top left)
Texts, images or scenes displayed Ingredients
Of a legendary island of Cloves
Of book-less face-less Slaves in endless rows
Crammed in mercantile ships
And perched on Dhows
White & Black Pepper
That drove the exploration forward ...
Black & White Pepper
And that would blossom into:

Indentured Labor, Monocultures, Plantation Monoliths, Deforestation, Ocean Plunder, Rural Degradation and Exodus and the ultimate paradise on Earth ...
The urban wage worker's cemented prison of busy schedules and congested ugly smoggy highways enhanced with the opium of Mass Media Entertainment, Thrillers, Murders, Rapes and Celebrity Scandals directly proportional to the ignorance of and callousness toward the immediate surroundings, family, community and the biotope, imbued however with a hope of a reprise during the one month of vacations.
And that once again accelerated the demise of the remaining natives supplied with cheap alcohol but would strangely blossom yet again into (hopefully) heartfelt apologies from the heads of the modern states!
Glimpses of Hell on Earth
But with a silver lining
Volcano painted in acrylic basalt, slate, colored sand and decorated with a silver lining
From Rhea Inspired Artwork Title Text printed on HP Printer. The modern ink is coated with a fixative, impregnated and UV-protected _ should last at least for a few decades, even if that is something rather out of tune with our times!
Primitive Graffiti
Mission Mortal Toward Immortality
Initial attempts at Immortality reproduced in acrylic by Mushtaq Bhat who, if not for the Muses would probably also be suffering from this syndrome. However I did occasionally scribble my name in dark caves and temple precincts during school excursions.
Ur-Grandpa´s Neolithic Grave Picture of a Neolithic grave, also UV-Protection coated. Source National Geographic.
Stone Age Technology Rather drastically stylized Neolithic Tools in Acrylic and some copper pigments
Real Hi-Tech! Picture of an Aquanaut in Ocean Depths. Cave Divers Also UV-protected. Source National Geographic. Flyover made in acrylic and slate.
Staple Diets Wild Rice, Basmati, Noodles and Lentils cooked in Latex!
Grandma's Glandular Gems Metamorphic Rocks
Her gifts and her grand children's toys and modified accessories Stone, Wood, Iron, Bronze (acrylic pigments), Copper, Silver, Gold, Wheat (flour) ...and of course the Salt of the Earth.



There is no dearth of narratives about experiences gained and the torture and humiliations suffered by men and women of all ages ... as inmates of prisons. In fact ... More>>

  • Shantaram
  • Mixed Media on Canvas
  • 80 x 70cm. 2009

Andy Inside

Andy Inside

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  • Andy Inside
  • Mixed Media
  • 100 x 80cm. 2009
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