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Race Against Time

Of Saturn and Biology

Acrylic on Canvas
80 x 70cm. 2008

Race Against Time

Of Saturn (Entropy) and Biology

From a series dedicated to Time.

Here we have a relatively explicit representation of the phenomenon associated with the human biological experience of Time. The woman here may not appear extraordinarily happy being devoured by Saturn but the child emerging from her does appear triumphant. Births are most of the time occasions for celebrations, unless of course the child is impaired, or of a gender associated with financial burdens, a fact still extant in some social organizations, where paradoxically the men labor all life long, in order to accumulate a fitting dowry for their female offspring! But as far as our known history is concerned, we certainly have other reasons to depict a triumph. We have emerged as the undisputed masters of the planet triumphantly celebrating our position at the top of the food chain, as the King all Predators and Robbers, even if some minor almost invisible inhabitants of our planet like bacteria and virus may cryptically think otherwise!

Hawking may think of Black Holes and entropies, but I believe that it will never be the known and trusted (or distrusted!) currently extant brand of Homo sapiens existing at that time, to see the dooms day. Assuming earthly planetary life does still exist anywhere on our Earth or in the Galaxies, it would have mutated or otherwise transformed itself to something beyond prediction and no less beyond our imagination. So we may rightly conclude for the time being the Triumph of Biology against Saturn's one horrible habit, that he can't seem to get rid of. Besides we may also change one day our views concerning entropy and the fate of the universe in general or more of concern to us, our views concerning the phenomena of Time. However I guess we are in no position to call it definitely the Triumph of Biology against Time, but must necessarily call it as a Race against Time. Of course theoretically, we may be able in future to prolong indefinitely the life of an organ, tissue or create new ones from stem cells, but here we are confronted with yet another and an entirely new aspect of time, probably unknown to mankind till now and certainly not a subject of our discussion here.

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