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Mushtaq Bhat

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Acrylic on Canvas
120 x 100cm. 2008


Beeshim! Bum! Booom! Shooooosh! Smaaaash! Grrreeeeh!

Know the sounds? A often used and never worn out repertoire of thriller films, comics and computer games. Booom! There! ... just blew the bad guy into the seventh nirvana, my hero did! Shooooom! Woosh! There goes another! Deeshim! Boom! Yet another! Rolling onto the floor, blood gushing out. God was that good! Must admit enjoyed as a child that funny screed too right up to late teens I must admit. Unfortunately some of us never grow up though, that is why such stuff nowadays done in high-tech Dolby sound is still potential box-office hit; watched, discussed and raved both by media and otherwise sane adults albeit mostly males. Even many great male professionals succumb to this kind of childish entertainment. Quite often the more thinking they have to invest in their professions, the more childish their taste here. Swooosh and Boooom! Grrrrrrrrh! Add to that the bang bang of guns, the swishing wind- piercing Samurai arc-drawing zipping swoosh of swords and the subdued zeeeesch of lasers! The entertainment is perfect.

Gilgamesh started it all, if you ask me! He is the great grandfather of epic heroes, including Hercules, Samson, Rustum, Dara Singh, Mohamed Ali, Steve Reeves, Superman, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee and … He fought strange creatures, stranger than the ones emerging from the fertile imaginations of our science fiction thriller writers of modern times. And he was invincible. All heroes have their Achilles heels though, as Samson had his in his long flowing hair, depicted by western artist usually as blond or red. Our hero however does not think of it the same way. He is a king and awesome! His adventures and conquests stretch beyond the confines of the middle east, he fights in strange dimensions, amidst clouds and fantastic terrestrial landscapes. And his world is made of autonomous spirited entities, who are completely unpredictable. Everything and everybody vibrates at extremely volatile frequencies with disorderly amplitudes and mysterious patterns and most important everything in the cosmos exists due some intrinsic inherently personal karmic willfulness; wind and water, trees and flowers. Qualities and the spirits of the objects were probably to great extent still perceived as one, which means almost everything was living and had a soul. Still a long way to Pluto.

Woooooosh! Swooooooosh! There goes another villain! But I guess with Gilgamesh, the sound was probably more like that of the thunder, later formally transferred to his divine highness Zeus, popular under his nickname Jove.

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