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thumbnail_Diana, Venus, Vulcan and Chin

Diana persuading Venus

Acrylic on Hard Board

100 x 70cm. 2008

Print Version of the webpage. Jan.2008.

Diana and Chin persuading Venus

A modern re-enacting of the ancient Olympian Drama

Illustration for a passage in: Olympian Acts from the Realms Frequented by the Muses.

Her divinity Diana von WWF, the Guinness-World renowned goddess of all hunters and the most ardent preserver of her prey, also known as Artemis, Fossey or Hecate and her angelic protégé the chubby Chin von China persuading her divine Lady Venus von Palm Beach Resort, the acclaimed Queen of the playboys and glossy magazines and the greatest asset of the free-market world advertisers, to stay with them and not to go back to the smoggy realm of Vulcan, her legitimate limping husband. Vulcan, also known as Hephaëstos, the undisputed master of the industrial macro- and nano-technology, extremely jealous and burning with envy is watching from amidst the clouds. He curses his fate, for having got up tied with an unfaithful doll. He suspects she is a lesbian. But actually Venus is seeking fresh air, the sun, the birds, the frog ponds and a place where she can hear the wind rustling through the trees; away from the clamor and the maddening decibel-pollution of the humans, with whom Vulcan is consorting most of the time, and their tons and tons of metal appendages devouring gasoline, asphalting meadows, forest, jungles, streams and brooks and choking the birds, the infant human babies and the flowers. She is taking a walk on the wild side.

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