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Adam  & Eve


Acrylic on Canvas

100 x 80cm. 2008

Print Version of the webpage. Jan.2008.

Knowledge is a fruitful but a cold-blooded companion.

A paradox but maybe a law of nature?

The more knowledge about and consequently more control a human being has upon the forces of nature, the elements, living beings and natural resources and as more and more of the universe becomes physically accessible, bio-chemically able to be manipulated as well as mathematically verifiable, the less meaning it exhibits. One may even go so far as to say, it tends to appear almost meaningless if not absolutely senseless.

In such a situation, the meaning is essentially sought within the social context, i.e., the social consens, that history has weaved within a entropy-prone linear time, where change is essential.

I do not believe that human beings have altogether stopped believing in great myths, legends and religions with the progressive enlightenment. If they do not believe in God, then they believe in the emperor's new clothes (which is a social consens per se!) and some enlightened urban citizens believe in ...HELP!

Of course originally the snake is not a symbol of reptilian cold-bloodedness. It was symbol of something mean and creeping on the ground _ a haughty looking down by a bipedal mammal, or maybe the sages knew better and associated more than that with this reptile, some of whom do have a particular warm-blooded weakness for the dancing flute of a snake charmer.

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