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Mother & Child

A Neolithic Theme

Deeds from the informal sector
Un(der)paid   in the formal
Human destiny's invisible director
History's rarely tainted character
Mother, Nanny & Grandma
A deed
Neither Nobel priced or laurel wreathed
But Indeed
From mother nature bequeathed
A noble and priceless career
Will it disappear?

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                        bottleneck Eve

Bottleneck Eve, Jr.

A modern Nanotech
Quantum-Mech Theme

Without Asking
State-Of-Art Streamlined Sleek
Seeking Singularity
Breeding Familiarity
Fulfilling an otherworldly
Non-human destiny
Irrevocably, inevitably and uncontrollably
Christianized as progress
Of atoms and algorithms
Promised Salvation
Biological & Bio-Chemical Entropy
Physics Hi-Tech Boon
Coming Soon?

Adam and Eve
adam and eve 2008


This feature was compiled in year 2005 and is not being updated. For later works please check the links above. Thank you.

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Mammalian Mom. 2009. Artwork Mushtaq Bhat

Mammalian Mom.

Acrylic on Canvas, 2008. Private Collection.
Exploring Grandma Earth. 2009. Artwork Mushtaq Bhat

Exploring Grandma Earth

Assemblage. Canvas.2009. Private Collection.


Hues of Blues _Artwork Mushtaq Bhat 2009

Hues of Blues.

Mixed Media, Canvas. 2009
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