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22 September 2007

Homage Rembrandt >>

  1. Concerning Graphic. Berufung or Market Demand.
    Some thoughts related to technology and the sociology of Graphics, that I felt was required in order to better assess the specificity of Rembrandt's Graphic Works, which according to my view seems to have been overlooked by some pundits and schools of thought.
  2. Homage Rembrandt.
    The older version depicting only some of my copies of his etchings, is now refurbished with an article, related to my own encounter with the graphic works of Rembrandt. With that I conclude both my appraisal (see below) and my homage to Rembrandt.

August / September 2007

We round up our appraisal of Rembrandt, begun this year on the occasion of his 401 Birthday, with the fourth and the last article: The Man & The Artist. We hope we have succeeded in our exposition, meant to reinforce the claims of many generations of men and women, that Rembrandt was a universal genius and a genial human being. The articles are richly illustrated and may take some time to fully download. Although we have tried to include all the contextually relevant photo reproductions of his works, nevertheless we feel we have not done full justice to the phenomenal ingenuity of this great master of subtle visual expositions. However since it is quite easy for the interested reader to access the photo reproductions of his works in the world wide web, we do not consider it to be a serious drawback on our exposition. In our forthcoming update of our homage to Rembrandt, we moreover hope to discuss his graphical work a bit more in detail, which have not been explicitly discussed in this brief survey.


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