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March 2007

  1. Realm Homeros

    Why speculate? >>

    In this article we not only attempt to explain our motivation for speculating about the future but also indulge ourselves in an hard-chore social critic, an unpleasant job dictated by the context of our discussion and tolerated, even if not explicitly favored by the Muses. Furthermore we offer the reader here (as well as on the main page Realm Homeros (Words) some explanations concerning this realm and some arguments regarding the premise and methodology of the exposition. And the thread of the discussion is highlighted within the framework of our major theme in this Realm _ Homo sapiens and Civilizations, which should give the interested reader a fairly good idea of the underlying theme and an inkling of the path that the narrative is developing along. Moreover the older articles have been reedited and supplemented with additional bibliographical annotations and summaries.
  2. Realm Homeros

    Oh! That disdain for Idealism (afterthoughts) >>

    Here we carry the contentions raised earlier in the foregoing articles (Realm Homeros, articles 1 to 5) concerning Myth, Logos, Poetry, Homer and Socrates to their logical conclusions and offer according to our opinion some plausible explanations for that disdain for idealism per se, that has forced many great minds to torturously mold and redesign their basic philosophy in order to cramp it within the straitjacket of modernism, that explicitly disdains idealism, both in the leftist and the rightist domains. They all, washing hands like Pontius Pilate, have left here only wisps of some stale deodorants hanging in the air, afraid to rattle on the current paradigms and social-consens. Or worse left it over to the clergy, to do what they please with it. Banned from the academia and Real-Politik it has only raised some still more primitive stone-age ghosts disguised in the vinyl-plastic suits and ties of the modern era. True some more daring souls have stood steadfast in their innate beliefs, that idealism has contributed more than anything else in all the major reformations of almost all the social structures in the world. Reformations, that really count. And they would have all been impossible to achieve in the atmosphere of modern selfish gene theories, material-historicism or the algebra of the Structuralists or for that matter within the folds of more modern chaotic theories concerning the dictates of an impersonal trading centers of the world, that have made many politicians learn their catechism from the economists and free themselves from responsibilities inherited from the past or those imposed by their biological heritage. Living in a perpetual violence toward the biological world, toward the bio-heritage inside their bodies and outside their homes, it is no wonder, that they have managed to produce a wage worker, who would rather shoot all the singing birds in the morning, when they wake him up early, but who will never complain about that all pervasive combustion engine, that has transformed, communal gathering places (apart from shopping), children's playgrounds or frog-ponds into a chaos of cement and noise, real noise not bird-singing, or even contributed to local mortality. The decibel-polluted human being is probably not even aware of the malaise of our century, the influence of a primitive fossil-fuel combustion engine, that has radically transformed our cities, into straight-lines, curved-lines, squares, rectangles and polygonal of cement and decibels and blessed us with homes with bigger garages than guest-rooms. It has probably contributed more toward the transformation of modern population centers than anything else including the old man river. The best coral gardens in the world are generally to be found there, where there are no roads leading directly to the place. I am sure that future generations will call our decibel-inflated combustion-engine age, as the reptilian era of industrialization. But to make a quantum spring into a more bio-sciences oriented soft revolution, we will need something more than money, and I believe it will be just that, what we have consistently disdained in the past century: A big dose of Idealism!
    Of course, the idealist does not need some religious institution for his idealism. Just mother Nature will do.
    Watch! Watch!
    A small bird crossing the Atlantic!
    No decibels! No tank-loads of costly fuel, that may involve:
    1. waging wars
    2. chaos at trading-centers that has repercussive effects on even the onions you eat, the clothes you wear and the job you have
    3. national hegemonies, ethnic-cleansing, annihilation of families, multiplication of orphans, destruction of habitat and flora and fauna

    Just a few calories of fat.
    No big runways. No blasting of neighborhoods. Not another big project for a highway from and to airport.
    No coffee-drugged watchful men and women in watch towers.
    Able to alight on ground, on the branch of tree, anywhere on land.
    Know the greatness of mother nature, you won't even notice it!

    That is mother Nature. Right out there.
    And we can learn.
    Learn to fly like a swallow!
    That is idealism.
  3. Artwork | Pastel

    Man on the Beach >>

    Here we discuss the photography of Lartigue and the modern beach culture, spiced with a bit of a nostalgia for the under-developed beaches of the bygone centuries.
  4. Artwork | Drawings

    Dürer, Holbein & Vermeer. >>

    This, already existing page with copies of the works of the artists, is now supplemented with a short article concerning these artists and another artist Carl Graeb; with links to some of the websites exhibiting or dedicated to their works.

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