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Concerning Our Website & Blogs

Website Notes

For the returning visitor.

At present (i.e.for the major part of the year 2007) you may not perceive at first glance any changes at this site. Moreover our feature articles, image downloads and news-feeds are at presently not being updated. There is a valid reason behind it.

Since the beginning of year 2007 this site ( is being thoroughly revamped. Our first priority at present is to make the site standards complaint. All the revamped pages should exhibit from WC3 validated Markup and styling. Pages that do not possess a valid Markup will be declared as such and moreover should offer the visitor a valid alternative.

We hope that the returning visitor will bear this fact with patience, till all of this site is standards complaint, after which we hope to update the site map (which is rather outdated) feature stories and the news feeds. Below is a brief summary of all the Themes, Sections and Modules that have been revamped.

I may also add here, that many of the file names have also been changed. They had originally been assigned without any regard to small and capital letters. But since I am hosting this site on an Apache server, I have renamed the files and may have forgotten to implement a redirect for a few files. Sorry for any inconvenience that it may entail. There are some files however that do not exist anymore, but the old topics should more or less be all there, if only under a new name.

Thanks for bearing with me

Mushtaq Bhat
March 2007

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Themes already revamped

We are happy with the result, not because the presentation is what we would really wish it to be like, but because we have some less nagging thoughts concerning the standards incompliance of the pages. A relief, even though there are still many pages eying us with reproach! It was worth offering our vacations for the occasion. That old superego Dame, conscience. This means that our respected visitors will not see any new major developments in our regular features here and in any of the narratives at the Realm of the for a while, till the other sections have not been made standards complaint. Hoping for the visitors understanding.

Mushtaq Bhat.
28Feb 2007

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For The Returning Visitor



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