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Concerning Our Website & Blogs

Website Notes

4. Concerning Presentation

This site is presently being revamped in order to be standards complaint. Sometimes this is done on the fly and in case it causes any temporary inconveniences, I beg in advance, for your apology.
Furthermore these pages are being optimized for latest browser versions (2007). They are not being hacked for older versions. I may justifiably emphasize here the fact, that this is an artist web site and as such relies very much on graphic. This fact also applies to the sections dealing with literature, where for illustrative purposes, a great deal of emphasis is laid on graphic too. Therefore I do not want to burden the already weighty pages with elaborate, sometimes even mind bogging hacks! This however does not free me from obligations toward the impaired persons of our community, which however may however be hopefully more fulfilled, by being standards complaint, rather than universally complaint to all the browsers, available at present and whose use moreover may reflect more the idiosyncrasies of some specific individuals rather than the needs of the truly impaired. That is the reason, why here a standards rather than a browser compliance is given the preference.
If however, I do really have interested visitors with older browser versions, who are for some reasons unable to upgrade their browsers and have difficulties accessing the content at this site, it is strongly recommended to contact the webmaster and explain the issue. Otherwise I see no reason to waste time on something, meant to satisfy an uninvolved passing mini-seconds-lasting curiosity of some click-friendly visitor. But if the interest is there and you contact me, I presume it would be my duty to enhance the site and do myself a favor. So please do not shy away from expressing your complaint.
Complaints or any issues:

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Concerning Content

This Site is not restricted to any age. It is even recommended for children, although I admit, the language and the terms may need an adults assistance at present. However I hope to have a separate module soon (especially in Temnography) that is fully oriented toward children going up sometimes in near future. Moreover this site may display human body without social appendages, clothing or other things. The purpose may or may not be educative (since that is something dependent upon the recipients point of view and not mine), but I can say, they are meant to to serve an educative mission and an artists destiny and have certainly no purely commercial purpose or for that matter are not meant as a provocation for its own sake. Same applies to literary output. Some of the characters may employ a language, that reflects the real life and the language out there (which is often the in here in private life), but they have been kept to the minimum, sometimes at the cost of foregoing a significant part of the real world _ something, that apparently is so indecent and unfortunately sometimes so repulsive, that we have to hide it from our children.
Complaints or any issues:

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