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The Muses are invoked, amongst other reasons, in order to explicitly declare that we are not claiming to express any paradigm-associated epoch-oriented and sometimes controversial matters of facts of science or any ideology or some kind of ism at this site...

... They (the Muses) are the divinities proclaimed, due lack of any equally exalted, more inspiring and less disputed explanations concerning creativity, as the unfailing and eternal source of all inspirations associated with art, prose, rhyme, political oratory, theoretical science, higher mathematics and even advertising, as well as the source of all those ubiquitous human rationalizations...

... Unlike certain other named it is mainly by assigning a name in everyday life or a term in human sciences or a symbol in mathematics and arts that a certain phenomenon or an entity is consolidated in a specifically human way, whereby the name or the term often becomes the thing in itself, a fact that Galileo Galilee was acutely aware of and would apparently gladly emphasize in his discourses. dead or disembodied entities, like the algebra of the Structuralists, the negative and positive affinities and the strings of the Physicists and the acetylcholine of the physiologists, they manifest themselves at this site as living. walking, talking and amusing beings with a very fertile imagination...

Excerpts from: Mission Statement

A journey through the Realms of the Muses, the Fates and those inbetween

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god helps those who help others, even when certain humans beings may mistreat them...

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portrait of a prisoner

There is no dearth of narratives concerning experiences gained, the tortures undergone and the humiliations suffered by men and women of all ages and from all walks of life and almost all epochs of history as inmates of prisons. In fact many writers took to writing during their prolonged periods of confinement. Accounts varying from those interned because of their controversial political or social ideas, to those incarcerated and tortured for their religious and political views, to those enslaved or imprisoned as POW and to those jailed for petty or horrible crimes, from antique and middle ages to the modern times are all available in print and often reprinted in many countries. In fact ... More >>

Andy Inside

Andy Inside

Andy with groovy intelligence inside, Bill at the gate or window sill and Steve at the job on hand. Concerning digital revolution, information technology and the dreams of a dynamic generation... More >>

Highlights 2009

What is new this New Year ?

My sincere apologies to my visitors for not having till now wished them: A Happy New Year! Well better late than never. Wish you Terabytes of (what else?) Amusement for the coming year. Eh, you ask, what about the next year and the years after? Do we really think that far? Great! Therefore I will wish you something special:

No Wars!

And if the great Patriarch Father State does put you on draft or lures you with promises of wealth, resources or sectarian dominance, hope you are doing some civil work out there, helping some needy folks rather than giving the red cross employees the pleasure of repairing their broken bones or their horribly defaced bodies and of course teaching the bad guys out there in a decent manner some decent civil society norms. Good luck!

And now back to the present. I am starting this year with a display of a brand new and a very special artwork: Exploring Grandma’s Earths Viscera and Glands & Occasionally Squeezing Them Dry. It is a tribute to planet Earth. Actually the initial work on this theme started about two years back, but then it lay unattended till end of the last year. Anyway it is now completed and already in private possession. Coincidentally, although I, being a scribe of the Muses, do not believe in coincidences all the time, the National Geographic Magazine has also opened the New Year with the title story concerning the true cost of a human obsession: Gold. A theme concerned with reckless exploitation of our Grandma. Again “coincidentally” my artwork has got three photo montages of pictures from the same magazine. Well you may say it is all in the air. Rob of Gaia! But that is a theme for itself. In my forthcoming article in Realm Words, I however do plan to talk about: The Essence of Western Civilization! Now that is something no scientist can accomplish. Wallowing in quantities and hopelessly lost in forever and more truncating and bifurcating terminologies and schools of thought and controversies, which indicate only their innately qualitative bias, we propose to call the things by their names. And we do plan to show how Rhea and Gaia have conspired with Zeus to save our planet and help this very weird mankind species (more bizarre than even some gizmo’s from the reptilian era) to save him / herself. Unlike Lovejoy we do believe that it is the mother Earth herself, who will save her products, which includes also the human beings. Amen!

And now explore our mutual Ur-Grandma here at the Realm of the Muses in an less exploitive way. And enjoy her countless precious gifts!

Amuse Browse!

18 Jan. 2009.


Exploring Grandma Earth

  • Mixed Media on Canvas
  • 120 x 80cm. 2009

Exploring Grandma Earth's Viscera and Glands and occasionally sucking them dry. More >>

Highlights 2008

Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve

  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 100 x 80cm. 2008

Adam and Eve. Of constraints imposed on knowledge and the meaning of human life. More >>

Venus at the Palm Beach


  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • 100 x 80cm. 2008

Venus. Currently visiting the earth and enjoying sand and sun at the palm beach. More >>

Nothing New at Janosphere

Not much has changed here since our last update from last year (2008). So we are keeping the following items as our excuse for the delay and for this persistent and shameful state of affairs despite our hints to the contrary ...

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For reasons explained somewhere else (Updates 2007 / For The Returning Visitor) we apologize for the fact that there is not much happening at Janosphere and Olympia at present, except for occasional visual enhancements, mentioned in news items at the Realms frequented by the Muses. In fact one of our new Artworks (see: New artworks / Diana and Venus) was inspired by the above mentioned Act 2. We hope however to have something going on out there at Olympia this year, that hopefully should be worth burning a feed for.

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